Originally from Northern Ireland, Oli graduated from the school of physiotherapy at University of Brighton (UK) in 2002 and gained several years of experience working as a physiotherapist in the English National Health Service, treating a wide range of conditions and ages. As he became more experienced and also did further post graduate studies in musculoskeletal physiotherapy he took on a specialized role of treating complex spinal conditions (such as chronic low back pain, sciatica, neck pain and pre and post surgical patients) working with a spine surgeon and his team.  Concurrently Oli was also working part time in a sports rehab clinic treating many sporting injuries from rugby, football (or soccer!) cricket, runners, field hockey and golf.
Oli moved to Canada and Fredericton in 2009 with his wife and now has 2 beautiful children, and outside of work tries to spend as much time as he can enjoying them as they grow. He is also a keen cyclist and jogger when time permits, and loves rugby (though mostly from his sofa these days).
Since arriving in Fredericton in 2009, Oli has practiced exclusively within the private rehabilitation sector. Oli is highly skilled and experienced in manual therapy techniques and specializes in the assessment and treatment of spinal disorders such as back pain, neck pain, and sciatica. Oli treats many muscle, joint & nerve problems and is experienced in treating sports injuries working with varying levels of athletes who somehow cause a wide variety of injuries to themselves. These injuries include, but are not exclusive to, hip, knee, ankle and shoulder injuries.

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Spinal Disorders

Back pain, neck pain, sciatica
Physical Therapy-100

Muscle, joint and nerve


Sports Injuries


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